Our Vision

To set the global standard for how organisations and people connect, share and leverage their relationships

Our Mission

To empower organisations and people to connect intelligently and efficiently, for mutual benefit.

Our beliefs

We believe…


  • that success is increasingly determined more by who you know, than what you know
  • the boundary between our professional and personal relationships is diminishing
  • there is value to be created by working with our relationships in a more proactive manner
  • that trust is at the very core of creating, developing and maintaining relationships
  • that individuals have the right to own, share and control their personal data
  • that we all have a responsibility to think green

Our story

Our story

Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business – who you know really impacts what you know. Stinto is born out of professional services where the need to build relationships is key to success. At Stinto we recognize the challenge of constantly struggling to stay updated and we have….