What is Stinto?

Stinto is a digital business card designed to help companies and people connect, manage and update their contacts. Stinto is an app available on iPhone and Android, that replaces the need for paper-based business cards, allowing users to automatically stay in touch with professional and personal contacts, in real-time.

Who is it for?

Stinto is for companies and professional people that required a digital, real-time solution for staying in touch with the ever-changing contact details of external customers, suppliers and business relations.

Is Stinto available for free?

Yes. Stinto is available for free from the Apple App Store (for IOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).

How is the data protected?

Stinto makes use of the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that your data is well protected. Stinto runs a VPC on AWS, with all databases making use of “At Rest Encryption”, accessible only possible via Lastpass (password manager). Login is managed by a Transport Layer Security (TLS), and a JWT token that is digitally signed, and we make use of tenant isolation principles in the Access Control Layer (ACL)

Is the contact data sold or used in any other way than intended by the users?

No. Stinto contact data is owned exclusively by the users of the app. The data is not sold, processed or used in any way other than making the contact data readily available to users.

Are my contacts contacted by anyone from Stinto?

No. Your contacts are your contacts, and neither Stinto, nor any 3rd parties have the right to solicit them in any way without their consent.

Can I search in the Stinto network?

No. Stinto is not an open or searchable network. Stinto is an application to help you better manage and support your known external relationships. Stinto cards are typically exchanged at the point of meeting.

How does Stinto differ from LinkedIn

There are four major differences between Stinto and LinkedIn. Firstly, Stinto is integrated with the companies CRM system, meaning that employees can share their valuable business contacts with a single click. Secondly, Stinto support “verified cards”, which are issued and managed by companies, not individuals, meaning you can be certain that the person is who they say they are. Thirdly, Stinto cards contain email addresses and phone numbers; something that is often missing from LinkedIn profiles. Finally, Stinto is an interactive card, meaning you can call, SMS, email or chat directly from the app.

Can users have more than one card?

Yes. Stinto allows users to have as many cards as they require. Whether for business, or personal use, Stinto allows the user to decide the number of cards they require.

What information is shared on a Stinto card?

That is up to the users to decide. Stinto supports over 40 different types of business and personal information, allowing the user to configure the card as they wish.

Can a user delete a card?

Users can only delete cards that they administer. To delete a card, simply open the card, and select delete. The card is no longer visible to any of the contacts with whom the card was shared. Verified cards can only be deleted by the companies that issued the card. 

Can users see a list of who has their card?

Users can always see an overview of the contacts with whom a card has been shared. Simply open the card, and scroll down to “see who has this card”. From here you can see all the contacts with whom the card has been shared.

Can users delete a contact?

Users can always delete a contact, however it is done on a card by card basis. Before deleting a contact, the user will be prompted to “retract card” before deleting. If the user does not retract their card prior to deleting, the contact will retain the users contact details even after deletion.

What is a Stinto 'verified' card?

A verified card symbol is visible on cards that have been issued by a registered company to their employees. The information contained on verified cards is managed and maintained by the issuing company, so you can be certain of their authenticity.

Are contact details automatically kept up-to-date?

Yes. Details of your Stinto contacts are automatically updated as they change.

How can I share my Stinto card?

Stinto is an app that supports all the standard IOS and Android sending methods, including SMS, email and Airdrop. Stinto is continually working on smarter ways to connect and will add new methods when and where they become available.

Can a Stinto card be sent to people that do not have the app installed?

Yes. As Stinto makes use of all standard IOS and Android sending methods, Stinto cards can be sent to anyone, regardless of whether they are a Stinto user themselves. Non Stinto users will receive the Stinto card as an SMS or Email, from where they can be saved on to their address book. Non-users are then lead to a landing page from where they can return their contact details, and create a profile on Stinto, ensuring that you are always able to stay in touch.

Can non-Stinto users send their information back?

Yes. There are multiple ways to receive contact details from a non-Stinto user, including the business card scanner that allows you to scan and verify the persons card details in real-time, and, a web landing page from where the non-Stinto user can send their contact details back to you. Naturally, the fastest and most accurate method of exchange is when the receiver is also a Stinto user, thus the non-Stinto user will be prompted to install the app, making it easier for you both to stay in touch.

Is it possible to retract a card?

Yes. Unlike in the world of paper-based business cards, users can always see a full overview of who they have shared their card with, and “retract” their contact details at any time, quickly and discretely.

Is there an 'Enterprise' version of Stinto?

Yes. The Enterprise version of Stinto gives companies access to a web-based solution, from where they can integrate HR and CRM systems, allowing them to automate the process of issuing business cards to employees, and updating customer contact details.  

Are all employee contacts automatically shared with the company?

No. Employees decide on a contact-by-contact basis, whether the contact should be shared with the company. Stinto is a tool that empowers employees to share contacts in a smart and efficient way, to ensure the highest possible data quality in CRM.

What happens when an employee leaves the company?

When an employee leaves the company, you will “disable” their card, meaning that it can no longer be accessed or shared by the employee. To help protect your business in the case of leaving employees, all contacts that have been shared from the disabled card will still be visible and contact details will update as changes are made. Furthermore, Stinto offers a “reassign” functionality that enables you to introduce other relevant employees to the unique and important contacts of departed employees.

What is a 'disabled' card?

A disabled card becomes visible when an employees verified card is no-longer valid, because they are no longer with the company. The card can no longer be accessed or sent by the employee. ‘Disabled’ is a temporary state, and eventually the card will be ‘deleted’.  

Can Stinto be integrated to CRM or other enterprise systems?

Yes. Stinto supports integrations via Rest API, and SFTP, in a variety of formats, including CSV and XML variants. Stinto also has integration features available that can handle even the most complex customer hierarchies in CRM. Contact Stinto directly to hear more.